Give Kalakala your story and unshackle it from the page. Let it move freely into the hearts and minds of every person whose path it crosses. Located on Whidbey Island in the blustery Puget Sound, Kalakala Co. doesn’t have to look far for inspiration. Every day we invite the rugged land and sea to play its part in our work, and from our cozy flagship studio, we create beautiful, strikingly original films and animations. To make this happen, we draw upon our unique perspective of the world, and insist on the best techniques and processes for every production.

The end result? Powerful stories that ignite the imagination and start conversations.



Our crew is a rag tag bunch of brilliant misfits with hearts of gold. We camp out each day in the studio and work to the sound of Tuvan throat singing, analog synthesizers, tremolo guitars and songs of our own invention. We love what we do and it shows.

As captain of this crew, Drew Christie brings his imagination into focus one frame at a time through compelling, handcrafted animations. His genre-bending films communicate a rich landscape of ideas, topics, and characters, and reflect his passion for taking complex stories and making them palatable. Drew believes in pushing past technical and artistic boundaries, and draws inspiration from American history, magical realism, and folk music from every corner of the world.

Drew’s unique passions and lifelong dedication to the craft of storytelling are emblematic of the work of Kalakala Co., an award-winning animation and production company (or a studio to house wild things).