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Feature Films

Elwood Snock and the Land of Lo-Fi

Who are the glass-eyed Protein Monster and green-geezered alter ego Kornbred? Just two of the many characters that inhabit musician Michael Hurley’s vast poetic mind. In a meandering road trip across America, we experience Hurley’s inner landscapes and get to know a celebrated musician, art collector, and legendary nomad. Hurley’s idiosyncratic beats and melancholic songs permeate the film, captivating audiences and reflecting a sensitive heart.

Year: 2008

Client: Tallinger Films


Land of Lo-Fi

Song of the New Earth

One day, while walking to an undergraduate class on psychosis, Tom Kenyon looked up and saw two angels flanking him. Kenyon is a musician, brain scientist and sound shaman. In this documentary, ethereal animations connect us to Kenyon’s vivid and supernatural experiences. He shares his dreams to merge modern science, ancient mysticism, and sacred sound to awaken humanity’s potential.

Year: 2014 (Currently in Post-Production)

Client: Woody Creek Pictures

Collaborators: Dane Herforth  Woody Creek Pictures,    


You have to see it to believe it. A Kansas governor. The inventor of the infomercial. A millionaire with interests in goat balls. Nuts! is an animated documentary about John Romulus Brinkley, a man who prescribed thousands of goat testicle implants and built the world’s most powerful radio station during the Great Depression. A mix of documentary footage, archival material, and hand-drawn illustrations, this screwball film is more than a colorful biography—it is also a cautionary tale about the seductive and dangerous power of the charlatan.

Year: 2014 (Curently in Production)

Client: Dipper Films