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Kalakala Favorites

The Man Who Shot The Man Who Shot Lincoln

Step inside the psychodrama of Boston Corbett, the strange and tortured man who killed John Wilkes Booth. Animated in charcoal, pastels, and crayon on the pages of twelve paperback books, this compact and austere film reveals the bewitching series of events that follows President Lincoln’s assassination. Music by Spencer Thun. Sound and Voices by Ian Picco. Winner-Best Short Film, Local Sightings Film Festival 2010. Official selection Atlanta Film Festival 2011.

Year: 2011

Empress Of The North (official Video For The Moondoggies)

Through thousands of hand-drawn frames each painted by watercolor, we experience the powerful magnetism of desire as one lonely man tries in vain to rescue a still-beating heart from the ocean floor. Animated for a stripped-down acoustic version of The Moondoggies’ song “Empress of the North,” the video goes beyond expectations, transporting us with a tale that feels both allegorical and deeply personal. “Empress of the North” is from the album Tidelands and is available on Hardly Art Records.

Seattle Folk Festival 2011

An earthy soulful take on a promotion for the 2011 Seattle Folk Festival: life will literally spring from the feet of festival attendees. Inspired by the proto-cinema device known as the crankie. Music by Bryan John Appleby. Song: The Lake. Presented by Hearth Music.

Year: 2011