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Vanity Code

Vanity Code Trailer

We all know the problem with most animated advice gurus–too many scruples. Let Vanity Code’s diabolical sage, called simply “The Commander”, teach you the whys and wherefores of getting ahead at some sad sucker’s expense. Want to clinch a table at the hottest new restaurant? Land a Hollywood agent? Cheat on your wife? Of course you do, but don’t make your first move until after you’ve watched The Commander’s take on these subjects and more, lest you wind up in a terrible mire, your shameful lusts and petty greed exposed to all your friends and coworkers.

All of the videos from season one of Vanity Code, featuring The Commander, can be accessed at Vanity Fair, and check back soon for season two, written by Starlee Kine.

Year: 2013, 2014

Collaborators: Frame Store  Starlee Kine,  Joe Garber