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Vimeo Staff Picks

Song of the Spindle

A whale finally gives Drew Christie the smack-down he deserves in “Song of the Spindle,” but then generously details the biological harmonies between humans and whales. He’s even kind enough to propose real solutions to some of the ills of human society, like war and alienation. A truly surprising film and 2012 Sundance selection.

Year: 2011

Collaborators: Composer, Spencer Thun,    


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Seattle Magazine

Huffington Post

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Sundance Institute

Psychology Today


Some Crazy Magic: Meeting Harry Smith

Artist and filmmaker Harry Smith (1923-1991) is best known for catalyzing the 1960’s folk-revival with his Anthology of American Folk Music. Less well-known is his reputation among friends and acquaintances as a modern-day shaman. He claimed to be an initiate of the Lummi Indians, he designed Tarot cards for the Ordo Templi Orientis and helped Alan Ginsberg levitate the Pentagon in Washington, DC. In “Some Crazy Magic,” he pulls wonder and joy out of, well, not a hat….

Year: 2011

Client: American Standard Time

Collaborators: John Cohen,    

Allergy To Originality: A New York Times Op-doc

Melville said, “It’s better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” Which sounds like something a guy who’d just failed would say. “Allergy to Originality” asks why today’s multiplex is so often brimming with sequels, remakes and plain imitations, then answers with a trip through art history at the speed of Wikipedia. A 2014 Sundance selection.

Year: 2012

Client: New York Times

Collaborators: Spencer Thun  Ian Picco,    


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Drones For America! – A New York Times Op-doc

In this animated satire, a former K.G.B. agent welcomes a future in which Americans live under the watchful eyes of drones.

Check out Kalakala’s inventive contributions to The New York Times’ Op-Docs—an award-winning series which reimagines Op-Eds as original and offbeat documentary shorts.

Year: 2013

Client: NY Times

Collaborators: Gino Jevdjevic  

Vanity Fair Decades – The 1940’s

Written and narrated by This American Life’s Starlee Kine, “The 1940’s” traces the tale of America’s most-transformative decade in the ink of both novelists and tattooers. From the dawn of Sailor Jerry to the eve of atomic destruction, from Pearl Harbor to “A Slight Rebellion Off Madison,” the We Decade gets a surprising examination through the most-peculiar of lenses.

Year: 2013

Client: Frame Store & Vanity Fair

Collaborators: Starlee Kine,