Short film | 2016 | The Emperor of Time | Runtime—7 mins


From the story of an ancient Chinese Emperor who could seemingly expand and contract time to his will to the advent of the moden train track, The Emperor of Time invites us on a dreamy journey through the life of Eadweard Muybridge—legendary inventor of motion pictures.

A Sundance favorite, The Emperor of Time is an absolute treat for cinephiles. The film is projected entirely through an old Mutoscope—an early motion picture device from animation pioneer Winsor McCay. The result is a film which feels dreamy and nostalgic but nevertheless relevant for our modern times.


Directed by Drew Christie

Narration by Hugh Ross,

Starring Richard Evans

Music Spencer Thun

Sound Design Eli Moore

Photographed by Drew Christie & Dane Herforth

Mutoscope by FlipBookit